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The continuing success of online casinos is not surprising. With the advancement of technology, more and more people are playing these games on their computers or smartphones.

However, despite the fact that the game is played by many Canadians over 18 years of age, there are still players who decide to play without registering for an account first.

If you're planning to play for real money but you're not yet 18 years old, it's worth considering the fact that most online casinos require their players to be over 18. If you don't have a credit card or what you really want is the best Canadian online casino with free bonuses, then this article might help you decide where to play .

In order for you to know where to play , we have compiled a list of 10 online casinos that offer their services in Canada. This list is based on real player feedback, customer support and games offered among other factors.

  1. The Club Player Casino 

The first casino in our list is the Club Player Casino. This casino has offered its services to players in Canada since 2006, with generous welcome bonuses for all new members. The online casino has thousands of regular players who are willing to share their opinion with anyone interested in joining this site.

  1. Slots Ltd 

Slots Ltd is the second casino on this list. The online casino was founded in 2007 and is also known for its generous welcome bonuses . In addition, the site has been praised by more than 20,000 players from different countries, which speaks of a very good reputation.

  1. Rich Casino 

The third on our list is the Rich Casino, another casino with a great reputation. Online casino offers its services to more than 40 countries around the world, including Canada. So it's not surprising that at least 1000 players are online on any given day.

  1. Paris Casino

The fifth place in our list of best online casinos in Canada belongs to the Paris Casino , one of the most popular and trusted among Canadian players. With a license issued by Kahnawake Gaming Commission, many Canadian players play over 100 games at any given time.

  1. Slot Madness

Slot Madness is next on our list.This online casino is known for its support and excellent promotions. Players praise the site's security and big variety of games, both in terms of number and variety.

  1. Casino Rewards Group

Slot Madness is at sixth place on our list because it has a license issued by Kahnawake Gaming Commission. In addition, the site offers a large selection of games and customer support which can be accessed via email 24/7.

  1. Winneroo

The seventh place on our list belongs to Winneroo . This is another online casino that has been around for a long time and is known for its quality of service and wide range of products. Customer support is available 24/7 to answer questions or assist with any issues that may arise.

  1. Casino Com

The online casinoCasino Com is next in the list of best online casinos in Canada. The site offers a variety of bonuses and a large selection of games. Keep in mind that Customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns.

  1. Castle Jackpot

The ninth place on the list of online casinos belongs to the Castle Jackpot. The site offers a wide selection and good customer support, as well as a variety of different games for you to play in case you don't know what kind of game to choose. However, it's worth noting that the site is a little bit slow when loading.

  1. Vegas Partner Lounge

The last on our list is the Vegas Partner Lounge. This online casino operates under Kahnawake Gaming Commission and offers a large selection of games. The site also has good customer support, although some players complain about the lack of live chat on the website.

What Can I Gamble on at Online Casinos?

Online casinos offer a wide variety of activities that you can gamble on, including both table games and video poker machines. Generally, all casinos will offer blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and slots. Some sites may only offer the basics while others might be more exotic with offerings like keno or scratch cards. The number of variations that can be found in each game is huge; for example there are over 100 blackjack games alone to choose from.

It's worth doing a bit of research into which sites offer the best range of games before you sign up, as not every casino has the same selection available. Don't worry about having to learn all the different rules either - if you stick with classic table games like roulette and blackjack then you'll be able to pick them up as you play and it will make your decision process a whole lot easier.

Video Poker Machines

Video poker machines are massively popular at online casinos, with many different types of video poker available. They're bright and colorful games that look similar to slot machine games but they actually involve the skill of poker instead of spinning reels. Like slots, the goal is to land certain combinations of cards to win cash prizes. The amount you can bet on each hand varies between games so it's important to check the minimum and maximum bets before you start playing.


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games available online, with many versions available at all online casinos. It's a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master, which is what makes it so addictive! Your aim in blackjack is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. You'll be dealt two cards at the start of each hand and you can then decide whether or not you want to takemore cards depending on the total value of your hand. You can split cards that are a similar value and then take another card on each if you want to.


Baccarat is another classic card game that you'll find at all online casinos. It's a relatively simple and straightforward game, with little room for strategy involved. You just need to pick which player or banker hand has the highest value – there isn't much more to it than that! The minimum bet amount in baccarat is usually around the $5 mark, with a maximum bet of around$500.


Craps is an exciting dice game that requires both skill and luck to win. It's played with two dice and you can choose to either bet on the pass line, the don't pass line or make your own bets on different number combinations. Once you've placed your bet, the dealer will roll the dice and then you'll need to wait for a winner. You can find craps at some online casinos but it's not as popular as other games – if you do want to give it up then we recommendSign up at Bovada Casino - they've got a full suite of classic craps games.


Roulette is a popular table game where you have to pick which color or number the wheel will land on. You place your bets by choosing red or black, even or odd numbers and whether the number will be high(19-36) or low(1-18). You can bet in the same area of the table multiple times if you like to increase your chances of winning. Bovada Casino offers classic American roulette but there are many other versions of this game available online, including French Roulette which only has one zero on the wheel.